About Medicine in America

In some ways we are at a crossroads in healthcare in the USA. We, have more technology and data available as resources, but yet we can’t overcome the behavioral challenges of patients nor the economic inefficiencies that have become inherent in our healthcare system.

Medicine in America is a new podcast that shares the stories of physicians and other healthcare professionals ‚Äď many of whom are conflicted and overburdened by the new realities of today‚Äôs healthcare environment ‚Äst that spotlight how they are working to change the way they practice and deliver patient care. We will hear what made them realize they had to reinvent and rethink their approach to treating patients. Their innovative ideas are at the forefront of a burgeoning movement today to transform a healthcare environment wrought with complexity, demanding in its pace, and quietly burning out clinicians who have faced the upheaval of COVID and the daily challenges of the inherent inefficiencies in medicine.

It is time for a change.



Anthony S. Manson

A 25-year veteran of the healthcare media and marketing business, Anthony has developed innovative digital media platforms at companies such as Everyday Health and WebMD. He also has run Health 2.0 NY as well as Medstartr, two organizations  that are focused on helping digital healthcare start-ups connect with angel investors  and venture capital funds. In addition, Anthony is a longstanding member of several advisory boards for leading digital health start-ups.

His true passion and the driving force in his decision to found and launch Medicine in America is his belief and commitment to helping healthcare professionals consider new practice models and therapeutic options.

Todd Harington

Todd teamed up with Anthony on Medicine in America because he is also passionate about helping facilitate positive change in our healthcare system by creating an engaging platform where guests can share their views of change and innovation. A natural conversationalist, Todd brings an energized curiosity to each interview, often asking questions on behalf of ‚Äúthe patients‚ÄĚ listening for new ideas being introduced by physicians and healthcare professionals that are making a difference.

Todd is a seasoned storyteller, author, and also the host of The Gray Matters podcast (thegraymatters.org), a podcast where a variety of unique guests share intriguing stories of their life’s journey and passions. He also spent 25+ years in creative marketing and advertising.

Content Curator:

Mark Tosh

Mark is a resourceful journalist and content creator who has a diverse reporting background. He has covered healthcare for the past two decades, including retail health and its many iterations, primary care, eye care, and pharmaceutical marketing, both across the professional and consumer marketing sides of the business. He also has experience covering the FDA, regulatory issues, and the private equity sector’s increasing influence across healthcare in the U.S.

Mark played a key role in the formation and creation of what is now known as The Point of Care Marketing Association. He was also  a conference organizer and speaker at the popular DTC Perspectives series of events.