Fresh Perspectives: Stories of New Docs

Episode 14-June 30, 2024

Guest: Justen Ahmad MD

The podcast episode from the “Medicine in America” series, titled “Fresh Perspectives: Stories of New Doctors,” features Dr. Justin Ahmad, a second-year resident in family medicine. Host Anthony Manson discusses with Dr. Ahmad the evolving landscape of healthcare and the unique challenges new doctors face. Dr. Ahmad shares his experiences from his training at Howard University to practicing in Iowa, highlighting the importance of empathy, communication, and preventive care in medicine. The conversation also delves into Dr. Ahmad’s aspirations for community-based healthcare and his thoughts on balancing innovation with the core values of patient care.


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“Redefining Healthcare: Employers as Catalysts for Transformation”

Episode 13-April 30th, 2024

Guest Host: Kim Lynch CEO Metis Health Technologies

Featured Guest: Darrell Moon CEO Aspirational Healthcare, CEO Orriant 

This podcast episode features Darrell Moon and Kim Lynch diving into the pivotal role employers play in transforming the healthcare landscape. Employers should actively engage in reshaping the healthcare paradigm, emphasizing accountability, alignment with employee needs, and a proactive approach to healthcare management.

The conversation extends to addressing systemic inefficiencies and the need to shift focus from reactive to proactive healthcare solutions. Moon expresses optimism about the future, particularly with large employers embracing membership-based primary care and the growing accessibility of innovative healthcare products and services.


To learn more about Darrell Moon @ Aspirational Healthcare click here  or Orriant click here

To learn more about Kim Lynch @ Metis Health Technologies click here



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“Disrupting Healthcare: How One Doctor Defied Tradition to Revolutionize Women’s Health”

Episode 12-March. 6, 2024

Guest: Suzanne Fenske MD FACOG ABOIM NCMP

Sensing that “something was not quite right” with how Women’s Health was being practiced, Dr. Suzanne Fenske founded a truly innovative practice in New York City in 2020. Dr Fenske, a double board-certified OBGYN and integrative medicine physician, came to the realization that traditional medicine isn’t providing holistic care for many women’s health conditions, leading her to focus on a 360-degree view of the patient and to integrate alternative therapies into her new practice, TārāMD.

 In this episode, she discusses her journey from traditional medical practice at Mount Sinai in New York to founding TārāMD and her efforts to destigmatize menopause and overcome other challenges in women’s healthcare.


To learn more about TārāMD click here www.taramd.com





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The Life-Changing Impact of Neuro-Optometry

Episode 11-Feb. 2, 2024

Guest: Jacqueline Theis, OD, FAAO

While little known outside of the vision care sector, neuro-optometry is a fast-growing specialized field in which doctors treat patients with vision complaints and/or double vision due to concussions, brain injury or other neurological issues.

Dr. Jacqueline Theis, OD, FAOO, a leader in this burgeoning field, says the need for neuro-optometrist professionals “is expanding incredibly” as the field overall has grown broader in lock step with the recent surge in research into vision, visual vestibular therapy, and brain injury. “A lot of this is trying to figure out what can I do as an optometrist to help [people] to functionally see better,” says Theis, who is internationally recognized for diagnosis and management of oculomotor dysfunction in concussion, as well as prismatic correction of acquired and developmental double vision. 

Listen to her story and follow her career path as she relates how early sports concussions led to her passion for helping others see the world more clearly.

To learn more about Dr. Jacqueline Theis and neuro-optometry click here



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Primary Care Reimagined With a Subscription-Based, Preventive Care Focus

Episode 10-Nov. 13, 2023

Guest: Spring N. Lane, MSN, FNP-C

Spring Lane, a family nurse practitioner and entrepreneur, who is revolutionizing primary care through her innovative subscription-based practice, ‘Exceptional Wellness.’ Discover how Spring’s passion for preventive medicine is transforming patient care and why her model is a beacon of change in a system designed for acute care. Spring Lane’s vision is an inspiring call for a paradigm shift in primary care.

Exceptional Wellness clinics address the glaring void in current healthcare, prioritizing  well-being of their community.  Spring envisions FNPs at the vanguard of a healthcare metamorphosis, propelling patients to unparalleled health milestones. For forward-thinking employers, this innovative model represents more than cost savings – it heralds a thriving, healthier workforce. For a closer look at Spring’s pioneering endeavors, visit (exceptionalwellness.co )(thespringlane.com)


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The Social Media Rx: From Side Ventures to New Patients, a New Era of HCP Opportunities

Episode 9-Sept 20, 2023

Guest: Dr. Dana Corriel

In an era where digital media communication dominates even healthcare, establishing a robust online presence today is vital for today’s healthcare professionals.

Dr. Dana Corriel, Founder of  DoctorsOnSocialMedia.com (SoMeDocs), shares a wealth of insights on how doctors can leverage the digital realm for various purposes, from attracting new patients to becoming a trusted source of credible health information and even uncovering side hustles. Tune in to discover the strategies and tools that doctors are employing to thrive in today’s digital age, make a positive impact on patients’ lives and also enhance their professional standing.

More About Dr. Corriel

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Reinventing Family Medicine with a Data-Driven, Value-Focused Medical Model

Episode 8-August 3, 2023

Guests: Lauren LaCute, DO, and Kim Lynch, CEO/Founder of Metis Health 

Dr. LaCute made the jump from a hospital-owned academic practice where revenue targets were increasingly rigorous and “everything about medicine was rushed” to her own private practice specializing in family medicine. Her strategy relies upon utilization of a tech-driven business consultant who provides the tools that maximize the practice’s impact on patient care and the community – while also helping to navigate the constant changes around policy, compliance, reimbursement and regulation.

For more information on Dr LaCute’s new practice visit: mifamilymedicalcenter.com/home and learn more about Kim Lynch’s company: getmetishealth.com

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Frustration with ‘corporate medicine’ drove this physician to start her own innovative cardiology practice

Episode 7 – June 15, 2023

Guest:  Lara Oboler MD,  Cardiologist NYC
Independent Practice Owner & Entrepreneur

After spending several years in a corporate-owned medical practice, cardiologist Dr. Lara Oboler says it became clear to her that “the real people in charge are not doctors… It wasn’t the type of medicine I wanted to practice.” Already an experienced entrepreneur and business owner, Dr. Oboler established her own independent personalized medicine practice.

To learn more about Dr Oboler’s practice: laraobolermd.com

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Music & Medicine: Doctors Uncover New Ways to Use Music as a Healing Modality

Episode 6 – April 5, 2023

Guest: Dr. Stephan Quentzel, MD, JD, MA, Medical Director
The Louis Armstrong Department of Music Therapy at New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital

Much can be understood about a patient from the musical choices he/she makes, even if they are not a musician, since everyone has “musical reflexes with rhythm and melody,” according to Stephan Quentzel, MD, says doctors today are discovering more about the physiological responses connected to different frequencies of music and brain activity and the value these connections have in patient wellbeing and care across a range of disorders. He discusses this new area of medicine and what it’s meant for his career in this episode of Medicine in America.

To learn more about SOPE and to get in touch go to: sopenet.org

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HCP Entrepreneurship: Making a Difference in Medicine

Episode 5 – February 4, 2023

Guests: Dr. Arlen Meyers and Dr. Jeffrey Hausfeld

Over the past few decades, healthcare providers have been compelled to move from the traditional idea of medicine where “physicians take care of patients” to today’s model where increasingly “providers take care of insured lives.” This loss of connectivity between a patient and their doctor has worn away the fabric of what medicine used to be. Seeking alternative models and innovations, physician-business leaders Dr. Arlen Meyers and Dr. Jeffrey Hausfeld co-founded the Society for Physician Entrepreneurs (SOPE) to empower physicians and other professionals to innovate healthcare through entrepreneurship. This is their story.

To learn more about SOPE and to get in touch go to: sopenet.org

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How One Doctor Transitioned to a Successful Medical Cannabis Specialty

Episode 4 – April 5, 2023

Guest: Dr. Bonni Goldstein

After beginning her career in pediatric emergency medicine, a taxing yet rewarding medical field, Dr. Bonni Goldstein finally hit the burnout challenge that many physicians today experience. After taking time off, she made an abrupt career transition about 10 years ago and immersed herself in studying the endocannabinoid system, the recently discovered system that regulates and controls many critical bodily functions. After becoming fascinated by the potential, Dr. Goldstein launched Canna-Centers Wellness & Education practice in Southern California, and now calls the field of medical cannabis “extremely rewarding work.” Her practice has helped thousands of adults and children with serious or chronic conditions improve their quality of life.

Her latest book — Cannabis is Medicine: How Medical Cannabis and CBD are Healing Everything from Anxiety to Chronic Pain — was published by Little, Brown Spark in September 2020. For more information visit: canna-centers.com

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Transforming Healthcare: An Innovator’s View of Medicine’s Future

Episode 3 – October 31, 2022

Guest: Dr. Gautam Gulati

Dr. Gautam Gulati, a recognized healthcare innovator, entrepreneur and advisor, has recently launched one of the most unique concepts in patient care, The Well Home. The new, stealth company sits at the intersection of wellness, health tech and real estate and is designed to address the needs of patients living with chronic conditions by transforming homes into luxury health & wellbeing experiences optimized for both lifespan and healthspan. Dr. G., as he is widely known, also talks about medicine in the future where the roles of doctors, nurses, social workers, and other professionals are transformed and complemented by “new roles that we can’t even conceive today.”

To learn more about Dr.G’s work or to book him as a motivational speaker, visit: www.iamdrg.com.

To learn more about his new venture called The Well Home, visit: www.thewellhome.co

To listen to his award-winning storytelling audio docuseries on human resiliency, visit: www.superhumans.health

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The Path to Creating a New Model of Comprehensive Palliative Care

Episode 2 – October 13, 2022

Guest: Dr. Michael Frankenthaler

In healthcare today, collaboration and alignment among providers, hospitals and payers often get short-changed, even when it’s in the best interests of the patient. This is especially true in the commonly misunderstood field of palliative care, where Dr. Michael Frankenthaler is working to bring greater understanding, communication, and efficiency to the full spectrum of palliative care. Dr. Frankenthaler, a critical-care, ICU-trained physician who moved into palliative care a decade ago, says he sees this transition as being rooted in his efforts to “bring common sense back to medicine.” His ideas center upon ways to “normalize the variability and uncertainty of serious disease” for patients and their families, as he discusses here. Dr. Frakenthaler is the Chief of Palliative Medicine NYCHealth+Hospitals/Jacobi and North Central Bronx Hospitals.

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Breaking Away: A Doctor Explains Her Break from Conventional Multi-Specialty Care

Episode 1 – October 11, 2022

Guest: Dr. Jill Weintraub

Practicing medicine grows more challenging every day, yet a few bold-thinking physicians – including rheumatologist Dr. Jill Weintraub of New York –are reinventing themselves and their practice models to better meet their professional objectives and improve patient care. Dr. Weintraub, who said she felt “out of alignment with her own integrity” while working in conventional multi-specialty practice, discusses how she successfully transitioned to a solo practice combining conventional evidence-based rheumatology with the principles of integrative medicine. This path opens the way to “so many innovative treatments and approaches,” Dr. Weintraub explains.

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